Future Directions

Planning for the Future

This fall, School of Health & Human Sciences faculty and staff are engaged in strategic planning, a critical component to moving forward together as a new school. Formal vision and mission statements will be adopted in the coming months. With a keen eye on Indiana University’s Bicentennial Strategic Plan and IUPUI’s strategic initiatives, faculty-led task forces are developing a five-year SHHS plan that includes priority goals, tactics, and metrics to address the following:

  • Student success and enrollment
  • High-impact educational practices and exceptional online options
  • Research and advances in life sciences
  • Faculty and staff development, with attention to diversity and inclusion
  • Partnerships, both local and global

With these areas in mind, we will foster innovative interdisciplinary research, high-impact learning opportunities, and civic engagement. And, we will advance wellness, enhance human experiences, contribute to our economy, and elevate quality of life for all.