An education that does more

Physical activity and movement is core to kinesiology. It’s why we do more than classroom learning. We reinforce our academic programs with experiences that make a tangible, real impact on the community and prepare you with skills for future employment.

In our department, you’ll engage in learning through a variety of hands-on, practical experiences. You’ll prepare for your future profession or graduate school by participating in mentored research, taking part in internships, or supporting community programs and initiatives. These experiences are what will make your time in the kinesiology department unforgettable.

100%of students graduate with real-world internship experience

35.1%of 2016–17 graduates in exercise science are furthering their education

1866the oldest physical education program in the nation

Change lives while earning your degree

In the kinesiology department, you will not just study health and wellness. You will incorporate what you learn in class and apply it in a real-life setting. Through service learning, woven into our curriculum, you’ll gain hands-on experience in the Indianapolis community.

You might provide physical activity and education to individuals with disabilities in our Adapted Movement Programs (AMP), coach adult members of the Indianapolis community through Physically Active Residential Communities and Schools (PARCS), or bring physical and health education to kids through our partnerships with local schools. These experiences are what will distinguish your time in the kinesiology department—making a tangible, real impact on the community and preparing you with skills for future employment.

A place of infinite potential

Being at IUPUI, IU’s urban health and life sciences campus means you’ll have expanded opportunities for internships, research, mentors, civic engagement, and building professional networks. The IUPUI campus houses five health science schools, including the second largest medical school in the country. Indianapolis is a hub of hospitals, clinics, and several fitness and health centers.

As you chart your academic course you’ll be exposed to health care professionals, exceptional faculty, innovative researchers, and the wide-ranging possibilities available on-campus and in Indianapolis.

As home to future physical and occupational therapists, health and wellness instructors, physical education teachers, and more, the department of kinesiology, is a great place for you to build your professional networks and boost your career potential.

Benefit from faculty who inspire

As coaches, mentors, committed teachers, and brilliant researchers, our faculty are working to make an impact on the world wherever they go.

Every day faculty are conducting research that has the potential to transform lives, studying everything from the way exercise affects pain tolerance to how physical activities can be adapted for people with disabilities. Or they’re leading students like you in health and wellness outreach programs that help community members live healthier lives or team-building workshops for local businesses and organizations.

We're putting our knowledge and skills to work for Indianapolis every day and preparing future professionals, like you, to succeed and make the world a better place.

Department Mission and Culture

Rich with tradition, full of scholarly and professional opportunities, and with a student-first approach, the Department of Kinesiology’s mission is to provide a diverse student body with engaging, service-focused, and practical activities informed by evidence-based scholarly research.  Through the Department’s comprehensive and innovative majors taught by dedicated and engaging faculty, the goal of the Department is to advance student learning not just in the classroom, but in the field as well, thus serving the larger community of Indianapolis, and beyond.  The Department of Kinesiology is student-centered, encouraging a lifetime of learning and innovation.


This mission is accomplished via three main principles:

A.  We have built our undergraduate and graduate programs by offering high-impact practices early and often.

B.  We are an outcomes-based faculty that celebrates responsibility; we receive and provide feedback with the best of intentions for the betterment of our students.

A.  We engage in meaningful interdisciplinary teaching, research, and service.

B.  We have developed an environment that facilitates growth, learning, and productivity across disciplines.

A.  We model professional behaviors that result in sustainable professional growth and development for faculty, staff, and students.

B.  We invest in our curriculum, program, and facilities to provide a world-class educational and academic experience.