Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Certificate


The Certificate in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies curriculum consists of seven required 3-credit hour courses, all of which are required.


  • HIM-M330 Medical Terminology or equivalent
  • HLSC-R320 Survey of Adaptive Rehabilitation Technology
  • HLSC-R330 Approaches to Rehabilitation Case Management
  • HLSC-R340 Psychological Aspects of Disabilities
  • HLSC-R420 Proposal Writing for Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs
  • HLSC-R430 Practicum in Rehabilitation and Disability
  • HLSC-R440 Medical Aspects of Disabilities
    • P: Medical Terminology with C or higher

Certificate Requirements and Eligibility

Certificate Requirements

  • To earn the certificate, students must complete a minimum of 21 credits in accordance with the specified curriculum.
  • Earn a minimum grade of C in each course.



  • The Certificate in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies is open to all IUPUI students, regardless of major, and can be pursued as a stand-alone degree or combined with an associate's or bachelor's degree. 
  • In order to enroll in our Certificate in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, you must be admitted to IUPUI.
  • If you are not currently admitted to IUPUI, you will need to meet the admission requirements established by IUPUI, and where applicable, the Office of International Affairs. For more information, visit
  • Courses in the Certificate in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies can be used to fulfill requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.