Doctor of Physical Therapy

Apply learned skills in the classroom to real patients in a real clinic setting

The goal of the Doctor of Physical Therapy programs is to prepare students to make a real difference in the lives of their patients. With a comprehensive curriculum, the program will offer you a variety of inpatient and outpatient clinical partnerships, both locally and nationally, to facilitate and develop clinical skills.

You will leave the program with a sense of commitment to contribute to the health of the community and to grow personally and professionally throughout your career.

100%all-time pass rate on the PT Board Exam

14 to 1lab ratio

99%job placement 6-month post graduation

Cost and finances





Tuition Total based on 110 credit hours


$544.25 per

credit hour


$966.60 per

credit hour


General, Tech,  Rehab & Repair Fees

Breakdown per semester

Summer Session I (5)


 $       4,833.00

 $     290.53

Fall Semester (18)


 $     17,398.80

 $     547.05

Spring Semester (19)


 $     18,365.40

 $     547.05

Summer Session I (3)


 $       2,899.80

 $     262.23

Summer Session II (2)


 $       1,933.20

 $     248.08

Fall Semester (14)


 $     13,532.40

 $     547.05

Spring Semester (17)


 $     16,432.20

 $     547.05

Summer Session I (5)


 $       4,833.00

 $     290.53

Fall Semester (17)


 $     16,432.20

 $     547.05

Spring Semester (10)


 $       9,666.00

 $     518.75




$  4,345.37



Additional IUPUI Fees 2018-2019



Interprofessional Education Fee (one-time fee)



IUPUI Graduate Application Fee



IUPUI Campus Parking (optional)

Student Surface Annual Permit



International Student Visa Processing Fee (if applicable)





Other Costs



APTA - Professional Organization National Membership (Mandatory)



IN APTA - Professional Organization State Membership  (Mandatory)



Textbooks per semester (required texts)

Estimated $1000


Transportation to and from the Clinical Practice Sites- varies depending on living site and cost of gasoline, etc.

Estimated $3000


JagTag Student ID (Mandatory)

FREE (Replacement card, $25)


Malpractice Insurance

Provided by Indiana University



As a student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, you are eligible for several department scholarships.  Applications for these scholarships take place in the fall semester of the academic year using the AcademicWorks portal.

Fellowship is given annually to one or two outstanding students demonstrating financial need.

This award is given to students in the School of Health & Human Sciences who are actively involved in the Student Outreach Clinic or other community engagement program endorsed by SHHS and IUPUI.  This award is chosen by the Physical Therapy Department; there is no application.

Fellowship is given annually to an outstanding student demonstrating scholastic excellence and professional contribution. 

Fellowship is given annually to students demonstrating perseverance in spite of hardships. Funds can be awarded to entering students and current students.

Fellowship is given annually to a first-year student demonstrating academic excellence.

Used to support awards based upon research and/or service to third-year students who are enrolled in the entry-level Doctor of physical Therapy program.  This award is chosen by the Physical Therapy Department; there is no application.

The Physical Therapy Student Professional Development Scholarship was created in 2017 to encourage and build support for students in their second or third year of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

This award is for graduate students in the Physical Therapy program who meet one of the following criteria: are pursuing the Doctor of Physical Therapy/PhD degree, will be presenting research at a professional conference, are conducting research that will result in a presentation at a professional conference, or will enhance the diversity of the professional workforce. 

Fellowship is given annually to a third year student who has overcome personal obstacles to remain in the physical therapy program. 

Award is given annually to a graduating student demonstrating academic and clinical excellence in neurological rehabilitation. This award is chosen by the Physical Therapy Department; there is no application.

This award is given in memory of Zach H. Gregory to a student demonstrating emerging traits of both academic and professional leadership.  This award is chosen by the Physical Therapy Department; there is no application.


Indiana University Department of Physical Therapy Outcome Data

Three-year data detailing program graduation, employment, and licensure exam pass rate


Graduation Rate

Employment Rate

6 Months Following Graduation

Licensure Exam Pass Rate

First Time Rate

Ultimate Pass Rate

















3 Year Average




99 %


The Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Indiana University is accredited by the
Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).  CAPTE  is not an accreditation organization for post-professional degrees, including the Ph.D.  Therefore, the Ph.D. portion of the dual degree DPT/Ph.D. is not subject to or accredited by CAPTE.

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