Dual Degree: Doctor of Physical Therapy/Ph.D. In Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

A program designed to maximize your time

The DPT/Ph.D. degree curriculum is a combination of 110 credit hours from the 3 year DPT program and 90 credits from the Ph.D. in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program. Here is the breakdown:

  • Up to 30 credit hours from your DPT degree can be applied to the Ph.D. coursework.
  • 30 credit hours of coursework from the Ph.D. curriculum
  • 30 credits of research hours which includes the Ph.D. dissertation

Why a Dual DPT/Ph.D. at Indiana University?

Key Advantages

  • Considerable savings both time and money.
  • Individual training with a rehabilitation scientist.
  • Pilot research funding provided.
  • Mentorship with research and teaching faculty.
  • Opportunities for national and international presentations.

Teaching Development

  • Develop teaching skills during your Ph.D. by being a laboratory assistant in your area of expertise.

Clinical Experience

  • Integrated clinicals.
  • Dedicated clinic time available during Ph.D.

Cost and finances

The Ph.D. portion of the dual-degree is FULLY FUNDED with a stipend, health insurance, and project funds.


The Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Indiana University is accredited by the
Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).  CAPTE  is not an accreditation organization for post-professional degrees, including the Ph.D.  Therefore, the Ph.D. portion of the dual degree DPT/Ph.D. is not subject to or accredited by CAPTE.