Dual Doctor of Physical Therapy and Ph.D. Degree

A program designed to maximize your time

The DPT/Ph.D. degree curriculum is a combination of 110 credit hours from the 3 year DPT program and 90 credits from the Ph.D. in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program. Here is the breakdown:

  • Up to 30 credit hours from your DPT degree can be applied to the Ph.D. coursework.
  • 30 credit hours of coursework from the Ph.D. curriculum
  • 30 credits of research hours which includes the Ph.D. dissertation

Why a Dual DPT/Ph.D. at Indiana University?

Key Advantages

  • Considerable savings both time and money.
  • Individual training with a rehabilitation scientist.
  • Pilot research funding provided.
  • Mentorship with research and teaching faculty.
  • Opportunities for national and international presentations.

Teaching Development

  • Develop teaching skills during your Ph.D. by being a laboratory assistant in your area of expertise.

Clinical Experience

  • Integrated clinicals.
  • Dedicated clinic time available during Ph.D.

Cost and finances

The Ph.D. portion of the dual-degree is FULLY FUNDED with a stipend, health insurance, and project funds.