Master of Sciences in Nutrition and Dietetics

Curriculum Requirements

  • BIOC B500- Biochemistry (3 credits)
Human Physiology coursework can be fulfilled completing one of the foloowing:
  • BIOL 556- Physiology I and BIOL 557- Physiology II (6 credits total)
  • PHSL F503- Human Physiology (4 credits)

 Statistical coursework can be fulfilled by one of the following:

  • NURS R505- Measurement and Data Analysis (3 credits)
  • PBHL P651- Biostatistics for Public Health (3 credits)

  • SHRS N598- Research in Nutrition (6 credits)

Additional research coursework can be fulfilled by one of the following:

  • SHRS N563- Research Methods in Nutrition and Dietetics (3 credits)
  • GRAD G610- Topics in Translational and Implementation Research (3 credits)

  • SHRS N550- Human Nutritional Pathophysiology I ( 3 credits)
  • SHRS N552- Human Nutritional Pathophysiology II ( 3 credits)

In addition to the core coursework, you will choose 9-12 additional credits in various interdisciplinary electives.  These can include :
  • SHRS N544- Medical Nutrition Therapy (3 credits)

  • SHRS N553- Nutrition & the Microbiome (3 credits)

  • SHRS N567- Management Issues in Dietetics (1 credit)

  • SHRS N591-Seminar in Nutrition and Dietetics (1 credit)

  • GRAD G504- Introduction to Research Ethics (2-3 credits)

  • NURS L670- Economic Analysis of Nursing and Health Systems (3 credits)

  • PBHL H500- Philosophy/Principles of Health Education (3 credits)

  • PBHL H501-US Health Care Systems and Health Policy (3 credits)

  • HYPER K353-Physiological Basis of Human Performance (3 credits)

  • HYPER K560- Corporate Fitness and Wellness (3 credits)

  • SOC R515- Sociology of Health and Illness (3 credits)

  • SWK S721-Preparing to Publish: Seminar in Advanced Scholarship Skills (3 credits)

  • Other approved graduate courses