Doctor of Physical Therapy

Application changes due to Covid-19

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the IU PT Admissions Committee is making the following changes to application requirements for the 2020-2021 application cycle:


  1. Acceptance of online labs for prerequisite courses completed in spring 2020, summer 2020, and fall 2020. These will be accepted for any application year.
  2. Acceptance of a Satisfactory grade for prerequisite courses completed in spring 2020.  The preference would be for all applicants to earn a letter grade.  If an applicant’s school has transitioned to a Satisfactory/Fail or Pass/Fail grading option, grades would be accepted as follows:  For students in the Indiana University system, a Satisfactory grade would be accepted although a Passing grade would not be accepted.  For applicants from universities other than Indiana University, either Satisfactory or Passing grades will be accepted, though Satisfactory is preferred if both S and P grades are an option.
  3. The required minimum 40 observation hours can be in ANY setting.  Applicants who meet all other application requirements though do not meet the minimum 40 hours of observation are still encouraged to apply.  Following an application submission, alternative solutions to observation hours will be provided.  These alternatives will afford the applicant an opportunity to better understand the scope of physical therapy practice, which is the ultimate goal of observation.
Please note:
  • Applicants must submit materials to PTCAS several weeks in advance of this date in order to be considered ‘complete’ by the October 1st
  • Applications which are not in ‘complete’ status or which are submitted after the October 1st will not be reviewed.

Holistic Admissions

Holistic admission provides a way to determine how aligned each applicant is with the IU PT values of “people, purpose, and passion.” Applicants are extended an offer of admission based on a holistic review process. A holistic review integrates an individual’s experiences, attributes, and academic metrics to determine their capabilities to contribute as a graduate student and physical therapist. Our program values the relationships we make with our students and we want to instill in them a strong sense of purpose in becoming:
1) caring & compassionate professionals;
2) future innovative leaders; and
3) passionately engaged supporters of their communities and the profession.

This balanced holistic admission process occurs during all phases of application:
pre-interview application screening, interview and final selection of the


The Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Indiana University is accredited by the
Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).  CAPTE  is not an accreditation organization for post-professional degrees, including the Ph.D.  Therefore, the Ph.D. portion of the dual degree DPT/Ph.D. is not subject to or accredited by CAPTE.

1111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
telephone: 703-706-3245

Are you ready to apply?

All items are due by the October 1st deadline.

  1. Apply to IUPUI using the IU Graduate CAS application and pay the $70 application fee.  

    The program name in the Indiana University Graduate CAS application is "Physical Therapy DPT." Using the filters at the top, select IUPUI as the campus, 2021 as the start year, and Indiana University University School of Health and Human Sciences for school. 

  2. Complete the PTCAS application. Your PTCAS application must be in “Complete” status by the application deadline.
    • Initial Program Designation: $150
    • Each Additional Program: $55
  3. Prerequisite Course Completion Form: Download, enter information, save the document, then submit it with the IUPUI Graduate Application in the “Department Information/Additional Upload” section.
  4. If you have not completed your bachelor’s degree you will need to complete a Declaration of Intent to Complete Degree Requirements Form and submit as a document upload in PTCAS,  or submit it with the IUPUI Graduate Application in the “Department Information/Additional Upload” section.