Alumni & Giving

Give the gift of your time

To our current students, your time and expertise are invaluable. You know the ropes, you’ve carried away important lessons, and you have connections in the field.

Put that wealth of knowledge to work for the next generation of professionals. Whether you choose to become a career mentor, create volunteer opportunities, or offer an internship within your organization, you’ll be inspiring students and putting them on the path to success.

To learn more about ways to get involved or to post job and internship announcements, email and include your contact information.

Make a financial contribution

When you make a financial gift, you’re helping to fund scholarships, reduce student debt, and make every student’s experience more dynamic and exciting.

Your philanthropy also helps us to position our school as an educational and research leader, both in Indiana and across the country. You help us keep our facilities up-to-date and our technology innovative. As a result, our students graduate ready to take on any challenge—making our collective reputation shine.

Make a gift