Physically Active Residential Communities & Schools

Physically Active Residential Communities and Schools (PARCS) is a health and wellness outreach program that provides low-cost fitness and wellness services to urban Indianapolis neighborhoods.

All locations are staffed by students from kinesiology and other departments across the IUPUI campus who are committed to making a stronger, healthier Indy community.

Since 2005, PARCS has filled a gap that local fitness centers and schools cannot provide, due to limitations in funding and time.

PARCS is a collaboration between the School of Health & Human Sciences, Eskenazi Health, the Boner Fitness and Learning Center, and public schools in Indianapolis. The program also has support from community partners and volunteers. 

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PARCS memberships include access to one of two fitness centers with the value of group fitness classes, individualized exercise assessments, and healthy lifestyle education.

You can choose to participate at the Boner Fitness and Learning Center or George Washington Community High School.

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