Ph.D. in Exercise Science

Train to be a leader in the field of exercise science

Do you want to lead from the front in the coming age of using exercise and physical activity as a means to improve health? Do you want to be considered an expert in the field of exercise science and be viewed as an authority in your profession? The Department of Kinesiology’s Ph.D. in exercise science is designed to prepare doctoral research scholars to create and disseminate knowledge through future employment in academia, private industry, or government programs.


The program will provide training through a rigorous, mentor-based interdisciplinary curriculum with pedagogical and research experiences, and conduct applied and translational science research focusing on exercise science for the purposes of enhancing and prolonging quality of life.

5 to 1student to faculty ratio

36%increase in job opportunities thru 2022 according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

50%Growth in Kinesiology majors demanding a greater number of professors in the field.