Cost and Finances

DI–MS program cost and finances

IUPUI Tuition and Fees 2022–23

Tuition total based on 46 credit hours $576.00 per credit hour $995.00 per credit hour General, tech,  rehab & repair fees
Breakdown per semesterFall (10) $                 5,670.00 $      9,950.00 $    555.92
Spring  (10) $                 5,670.00 $      9,950.00 $    555.92
Summer (4) $                 2,304.00 $        3,980.00 $    233.41
Fall (9) $                 5,184.00 $      8,955.00 $    540.76
Spring (13) $                 5,670.00 $      12,935.00 $    586.24
Total $              26,496.00 $    45,770.00 $ 2,472.25
Additional IUPUI Fees 2022-2023 
IUPUI campus parking (optional) commuter student (ST Annual Permit)$313.60
International student visa processing fee (if applicable)$350.00
Other Costs 
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Membership (required)$58.00/year
American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) Student Membership (required)$50.00/year
Indiana Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Spring Meeting Registration Fee (required)$50.00/year
HousingA one-bedroom apartment’s estimated rent is $1100.00+/month (remember to estimate utilities, internet, and apartment parking)
Cell phonevaries
Textbooks and printing per semesterEstimated $1000.00
Lab coat (knee length)$25.00
Transportation to in-state clinical practice sites varies depending on site location and the cost of fuelEstimated $3000.00; varies depending on living site and cost of gasoline, etc 
Crimson card student ID (mandatory)Free (replacement card, $25)
Personal health insurance (required)Varies
Malpractice insuranceProvided by Indiana University
Background checks including sexual offender registry checkVaries
Some sites require drug testing$50.00
Required immunizations by sites or the universityVaries

This information is an estimate and is subject to change at any time. Students are encouraged to calculate tuition at the university's tuition site.

DI–MS students are eligible for federal student loans. Visit the student financial aid website.