Courses required for admissions

For admission to the Doctorate in Nutrition and Dietetics program, you must complete the required courses listed below. These courses will help prepare you for the program’s coursework. 

Before you apply, you may have up to one, yet-to-be-completed course. This outstanding course has to be finished before joining the program. 

Earning the grade

The required courses must be completed with a grade of B- (80 percent) or higher. In some cases, an official course description or course syllabus may be requested to ensure courses align with the required coursework.

If you have an outstanding prerequisite course, it too must be completed with a grade of B- or higher. A final transcript accounting for the outstanding prerequisite is required prior to matriculation into the program.

Prerequisite courses
Subject areaMinimum credit hoursComparable IUPUI courses
Human anatomy (with lab)5BIOL-N 261
Human physiology (lab preferred)5BIOL-N 217
Statistics (must include descriptive and inferential)
General chemistry I (with lab)
General chemistry II (with lab)
Biochemistry (300 level or above, lab preferred)
Organic chemistry
Microbiology (with lab)3 & 2BIOL-K 356 & BIOL-K 357
Introductory psychology
Introductory accounting1
Introductory microeconomics or macroeconomics
Human nutrition3NTRD-N 265

Food selection and preparation (with lab)*

Quantity food preparation (with lab)*

Food procurement (with lab)*


For courses completed in the spring, summer, and fall of 2020 online labs will be accepted.

*Online courses with labs will be accepted for these prerequisites. Any combination of these course subjects will be allowed but must be covered.