Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

A master's designed to meet your health career goals

Indiana University’s Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics leverages the power of an IU degree backed by more than 50 years of graduate education.

If you are interested in advancing your education, enhancing your professional practice, and developing your research skills in nutrition and dietetics, then our master’s degree was designed for you. You’ll graduate equipped to be a leader in evidence-based practice and make a difference in people’s lives within your community.

Studying full time in Indianapolis for two years puts you in the heart of the state’s leading health- and medical-care facilities. You’ll benefit from:

  • 36 credit hours of graduate academic coursework
  • Ability to petition to apply up to eight credit hours of graduate work from other institutions or programs
  • Up to ten credit hours of electives to customize the degree to fit your educational and professional goals
  • Self-selected thesis or translational (non-thesis) research project
  • Strong scientific foundation to meet the challenges of a rapidly developing and changing profession

1:5Faculty to student ratio

36Credit Hours


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