Cost, financial aid, & scholarships

Find out how much your OTD will cost—and how to pay for it

Your tuition, fees, and other expenses will vary based on the number of credits per term, your residency status, changes in cost, and of course, your lifestyle. This information is provided as an estimate to help you evaluate the cost of attendance in the OTD program. 

Use the tuition and fee estimator

Estimating your cost of attendance





Tuition Total based on 106 credit hours


$568.00 per

credit hour


$995.00 per

credit hour


General, Tech,  Rehab & Repair Fees

Breakdown per semester

Summer (8)

 $    4,544.00

 $      7,960.00

 $     460.25

Fall (15)

 $    8,520.00

 $    14,925.00

 $     580.42

Spring (17)

 $    9,656.00

 $    16,915.00

 $     580.42

Summer (6)

 $    3,408.00

 $      5,970.00

 $     460.25

Fall (12)

 $    6,816.00

 $    11,940.00

 $     580.42

Spring (16)

 $    9,088.00

 $    15,920.00

 $     580.42

Summer (6)

 $    3,408.00

 $      5,970.00

 $     460.25

Fall (17)

 $    9,656.00

 $    16,915.00

 $     580.42

Spring (9)

 $    5,112.00

 $      8,955.00

 $     580.42


$  60,208.00

$  105,470.00

$  4,863.27



Additional IUPUI Fees


Interprofessional Education Fee

(one-time fee)


IUPUI Campus Parking (required)

Student Surface Annual Permit



Other Costs


Professional student health insurance

varies (view the School of Health & Human Sciences premiums and learn more

Textbooks  (required texts)

Estimated $1000

Transportation to in-state clinical practice sites varies depending on site location and the cost of fuel.

Estimated $750-$1,500

Crimson Card Student ID (Mandatory)

FREE (Replacement card, $25)

Malpractice Insurance

Provided by Indiana University

All expenses, including tuition and fees, are subject to change annually.

Applying for scholarships

When it comes to paying for college, every bit helps. We award scholarships specifically for incoming students in the Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program.

All admitted students are considered for scholarships based on their application. You do not have to apply for the scholarships to be considered.

Scholarships for incoming OTD students

This fellowship is used to support graduate fellowships

This fellowship will be awarded to a first-year student enrolled in Occupational Therapy.

This award will be given to a graduating Occupational Therapy student who formulates a well-written paper of distinction conceptualizing a solid understanding of current occupational therapy theory and practice.

Dr. Flinn, an alumna of the IU OT program, enjoyed a successful professional and academic career in the field of occupational therapy and was honored as Emeritus Faculty at The Ohio State University. She established this scholarship in 2018 to support scholarships for students pursuing an Occupational Therapy degree who are working on research that contributes to the well-being and occupational performance for individuals living in small rural communities.

Fellowship is given annually to students demonstrating perseverance in spite of hardships. 

This fellowship is used to support graduate fellowships.

This award is used to support a fellowship for an incoming graduate student who is enrolled in the Occupational Therapy program.  This is award is given to the top two Indiana applicants based upon admissions scores; there is no application.

Occupational Therapy OTD entry or post-professional level. 

Occupational Therapy OTD entry or post-professional level.

Getting financial aid

The first step in applying for financial aid is to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

By filing your FAFSA, you will be applying for most of the financial aid options below, including loans, grants, and even some scholarships.

Submit your FAFSA