Courses required for admissions

The Doctor of Occupational Therapy requires a series of prerequisite classes to prepare you for the program’s coursework. OTCAS will use these courses to calculate a separate specific grade point average used in the admission decision.

At the application deadline, applicants may have one prerequisite course outstanding scheduled for completion in either the fall or spring term. The outstanding prerequisite must be completed before the program start date in May.

Reading the fine print

Please read through the following information carefully to ensure your prerequisites are accepted and processed correctly.

Earning the grade

Prerequisite coursework must be at a level for science majors and be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or higher, and all courses (except for Medical Terminology) must be at least three credit hours.

Students may retake up to fifteen (15) credit hours of prerequisites — the higher grade will be used to compute prerequisite GPA, but all grades will be used to calculate cumulative GPA.

Getting the credit

Online courses are currently accepted for science courses with labs. Dual credit courses are acceptable if recorded on a college transcript with a grade. Courses taken for AP credit will be accepted for prerequisite courses if a score of three or higher is earned (the course must appear on official university transcripts). CLEP tests are not accepted.