Student Experiences

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

The IU Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is a student-led organization promoting, educating, and advocating for occupational therapy at IUPUI and throughout the Indianapolis community. In addition to advocating for the OT profession, SOTA members participate in civic engagement and service-learning opportunities. Activities SOTA hosted in 2019 included lunch & learns with current OT practitioners, fielding two IUPUI Regatta teams (our women’s division won 2nd place!), volunteering for activities such as the Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, and GoBabyGo with the physical therapy students. 



IU Student Outreach Clinic

IU SOC is a student-run free clinic providing cost-free health and legal services to under-served and under-insured residents in the Indianapolis area in hopes to close the health care gap. In addition to learning valuable community practice skills, IU Occupational Therapy students who volunteer at IUSOC collaborate with health professional students from medicine, nursing, social work, and other disciplines to improve their interprofessional practice skills in preparation for their clinical rotations in Fieldwork I and Fieldwork II.



Pi Theta Epsilon

IU is the only OT graduate school in Indiana with a chapter of Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE), the National Honor Society of OT. Under the supervision of advisor Dr. Sally Wasmuth, thirteen new members from the Class of 2021 were Pi Theta Epsilon inducted in January. PTE hosted a Yoga fundraising session with Dr. Wasmuth to raise money towards student engagement in conferences and other benefits for the classroom and students. PTE also participated in the SHHS Watermelon Hangout to promote occupational therapy to new and current SHHS students. PTE has been discussing future fundraising events and ways to engage graduate and undergraduate students with OT.