Step 1: Review the admissions requirements

  • Completed—or will complete—a bachelor's degree in any major from a regionally-accredited institution
  • Earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 and a math/science prerequisite of 3.2
  • Completed all prerequisites with a maximum of one outstanding course by the application deadline of October 1

See all prerequisite courses

  • Completed observation of PT practice (40 hours are recommended but in light of the ongoing pandemic, not required)

Step 2: Start your applications

There are two applications you will need to complete to be considered for the DPT program at Indiana University.

  1. You will apply to the program using the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). All application materials must be submitted in full and verified in PTCAS before you are advanced in the admissions process. There is an initial program designation fee of $150 and a $55 fee for each additional program. Complete the PTCAS application. Your PTCAS application must be in “Complete” status by October 1.
  2. Submit an application through the IU Centralized Application System (CAS). Applications are not reviewed until the $70 application fee is paid. The program name in IU's CAS is "Physical Therapy DPT." Using the filters at the top, select IUPUI as the campus, 2023 as the start year, and Indiana University University School of Health and Human Sciences for school. 

Submit all supporting documents

No supporting documents need to be uploaded into the IUPUI Graduate Application.

Download the Prerequisite Course Completion Form, enter your information, save the document, then submit it with the PTCAS application. 

If you have not completed your bachelor’s degree you will need to complete a Declaration of Intent to Complete Degree Requirements Form and submit it as a document upload in PTCAS.

We require at least two letters of recommendation. All letters of recommendation must be electronically submitted electronically via the PTCAS Application.

Final notes

  • Invited candidates will participate in an in-person admission interview on the first Friday in December.
  • If an applicant’s school has transitioned to a Satisfactory/Fail or Pass/Fail grading option in response to the pandemic, grades would be accepted as follows: For students in the Indiana University system, a Satisfactory grade would be accepted although a Passing grade would not be accepted. For applicants from universities other than Indiana University, either Satisfactory or Passing grades will be accepted, though Satisfactory is preferred if both S and P grades are an option.
  • Applicants who meet all other application requirements though do not meet the minimum 40 hours of observation are still encouraged to apply. Following application submission, alternative solutions to observation hours will be provided.