TESM Internships

Indianapolis is the place to intern

With so many opportunities to get hands-on experience in the industry, there's no better place than Indianapolis to launch your career in tourism, event, and sport management. In our department, internships are part of your undergraduate education. All you have to do to get started is review the course requirements and then complete the appropriate form when you're ready to participate in an internship course.

You can find the majority of class prerequisites with the help of your degree map at One.IU.

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Sports management internship

Are you a sports management major? Then you will need to complete an industry internship (TESM-C 402) to fulfill your degree requirements.

TESM-C 402 intent form

TCEM internship

As a tourism, conventions, and event management major you'll participate in an industry internship (TESM-C 401 or TESM-C 387) as part of your academic experience.

TESM-C 387 & TESM-C 401 intent form