M.S. in Sports Analytics

Score two degrees

You love sports, right? If you want to make a career out of your passion for sports, then choosing a sports management major with a sports analytics master’s degree is a winning decision.

With this accelerated 5-year program, you'll earn an advanced degree in applied data science alongside your bachelor's. You will discover the full spectrum of sports management skills and knowledge and pair that with the ability to take full advantage and analyze the data used in the sports industry. This education combination will set you up to become a major player on the business side of sports.

B.S. in Tourism, Event, and Sport Management

From planning, designing, managing, and marketing sports you'll learn the principles of sports management firsthand from hands-on coursework. Your experiences will include networking and working directly with some of the major sporting events and organizations located here in Indianapolis.

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M.S. in Sports Analytics

Your studies will focus on developing core competencies in data analysis, data management and infrastructure, and client-server application development, and ethical and professional management of informatics projects.

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Make your career goals a reality

If you want to work for a sports organization, team, or business, get the degrees to put you in the game.

Earning a bachelor’s in Sports Management and a master’s in Sports Analytics is the career scoring move. The industry needs analytics experts with sports management skills and experience. Fill sport industry positions such as:

  • Data analyst
  • Informatics scientist
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Ticket sales executive