Students mingle at the school's watermelon hangout event.

Discover the place where you belong

If you want to make life better for the people in our community and around the world, you belong here.

Our eight departments offer different academic paths, but they’re all focused on improving lives through wellness and experiences.

As a student here, you can help people get and stay healthy, regain movement and function, or make the most of their nonworking hours. You could become a teacher, therapist, trainer, or tourism industry manager. You could work in a health profession or the sports world. It’s all up to you.

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A student presents their research findings to faculty and industry professionals at the department's senior showcase.

An education for dreamers, doers, and leaders

Whether you’re pursuing your first degree or planning to complete your doctorate, you’ll find the program you’re looking for here.

Take the first step on your path to joining us and find out about our admission requirements. We look forward to welcoming you to our close-knit community.

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Indianapolis Public School children work with IUPUI students to train for Beyond Monumental's 5K.

An experience that changes lives

As a student here, the IUPUI campus will be your home—but your education won’t stop at the classroom door or campus border.

You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the city that surrounds us, applying what you learn in the real world, and making our community a better place even before you graduate.

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Andy Coggan and a student are pictured in Coggan's lab. The student is shown participating in a running study.

And research that shapes the future

From musculoskeletal health to sport and event tourism, the research activities of our faculty are transforming the well-being of our bodies, communities, and economy. Whatever your academic interest, chances are we investigating it and you can even get involved.

Get to know about the innovative research happening at our school.

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We are offering visits to all prospective undergraduate students. Our admissions expert will answer your questions about our academic curriculum, student life, scholarships, and more.