This is where we find our community

At the School of Health & Human Sciences, community engagement is a tradition tracing back to our beginnings. We’re more than bystanders in the Indianapolis community­—we take it to the next level to immerse and engage.

To provide the best possible climate for learning, we make co-curricular and curricular community engagement part of our culture, delivering rich, real-world learning experiences for students. As a student you'll work one-on-one with a client to improve their health and wellness through INShape. You can play a role in the success of one of the 10 largest marathons in the U.S. You also might explore your field of study by participating in internships.


A partnership between physical therapy students and Toyota to modify and customize electronic ride-on vehicles to meet children's movement goals


A service-learning program pairing kinesiology students with IUPUI faculty and staff, providing clients with exercise prescription and personal training services 

Physically Active Residential Communities & Schools (PARCS)

A health-and-wellness outreach program delivering low-cost fitness and wellness services to urban Indianapolis neighborhoods

Live Laugh Dance

A partnership between IUPUI and Franklin College kinesiology faculty to bring movement opportunities to people with Down syndrome

Adapted Movement Programs (AMP)

A service-learning initiative that makes physical activity accessible to people with disabilities by providing individualized adapted movement services to clients