Human bodies in motion

You have finished your undergraduate degree in a science-based field and ask, what’s next? Maybe you have a specific interest in how the human body works during stress and activity? Or, you have a passion for exercise as preventative medicine?

Pursuing an M.S. in kinesiology (MSK) or Ph.D. in exercise science at IUPUI allows you to explore these areas by offering you the ability to create a course of study based on your career goals and experiences. As a student, you will participate in research, learn from nationally and internationally recognized experts, and become a human-movement expert.

Here, you will work grow your network and take advantage of IUPUI's urban location. You will be within walking distance of four of Indiana’s leading hospitals, a world-renowned fitness center, and multiple industry partners. You'll have access to IU's reputable researchers, helping expand your contacts and CV.

Musculoskeletal health, physical activity and wellness, and neurological and behavioral health: Research activities in the School of Health & Human Sciences are diverse and relevant. 

You'll take advanced coursework and collaborate with faculty mentors. With those mentors, you will conduct research and have opportunities to publish or present during state and national conferences. Prospects for partnerships with the IU School of Medicine, the nation’s largest medical school, and other IU schools give students access to numerous community and clinical partnerships. A bonus: The American College of Sports Medicine, NCAA, USA Football, and other organizations are within walking distance, too!

More than enhancing athletic performance, advanced kinesiology and exercise science degrees will help you become an expert in preventive practices, which are gaining favor over the traditional health-care treatment approach in the United States. You'll champion the benefits of exercise prescription and preventive strategies as tools to improve health and quality of life.

As you likely understand, exercise is far more cost-effective at negative health indicator mitigation than drug therapies and other treatments. This degree is expected to help you grow and share life-changing research, develop exercise strategies, and work in partnership with medical and exercise specialists—making an impact and inspiring others to live well.